Walk in our shoes before generalizing

This letter is regarding the girl that commented on the athlete conduct at the Eating Awareness Event  in the Banquet rooms of the Oakland Center.

As a student-athlete, I was very disappointed when I read this letter in The Oakland Post. I felt that you wrote out of complete ignorance, generalizing the athletes as being immature and offensive at the event.

Most athletes that I had conversed with thought this event was helpful and very educational for those going through eating disorders and body image problems.

You stated a statement saying, “Next time — don’t bother coming.” I just wanted to enlighten you that this event was mandatory for all athletes. When you heard two girls complain about not wanting to be there — give them a break. They might have had 7 to 9 a.m. practice, along with a 9 to 10 a.m. workout, a 12 p.m. class, trying to find time to eat, following another class and then a mandatory event scheduled just when you think you may get a time to breathe and have time on your own?

When you said, “To the girl sitting behind me — If this film helps even one person in the community, it’s more than what you’ve done,” did not really sit well with me.

Do you know that student-athletes do more community service within Oakland County than some do in their life?

Do you not realize that we are affiliated with Hispanic Outreach Tutoring Programs, The Boys & Girls Club, Jack’s Place and reading to elementary schools on a daily basis?

Do you not realize that most athletes take 16 credits while spending at least four hours in the gym, on the field, or on the track each day — not counting all the four day weekends traveling, trying to get your school work done? No. Didn’t think so.

Did you even think you are discriminating and generalizing groups of people?

Before you, and a lot of Oakland University, classify athletes as selfish or vain, maybe one day you should take a walk in their shoes and see really what being a Division I student-athlete is all about.