Parking is a real problem

It’s a very bad image of a university when cars are parking in the mud. The state is giving so much money for education and to Oakland University.

Part of the money should be used for parking structures — even for temporary solutions.

I did try to find places to park and it took me 15 minutes. I saw cars parking on the grass area and on the edge of the parking lot near Squirrel Road. Cars are ruining the grass area, creating almost a swamp.  It looks bad for the officials of OU.

I read in your newspaper about tickets for parking violators. Tickets are no solution to the problem. The temporary solution will be removing grass and topsoil to create surfaces with sand and gravel. Do not forget about good compaction. If OU needs advice, I am geotechnical and structural engineer. It doesn’t cost much. This way, students and visitors do not need to walk in the mud.

It will be a temporary solution, but something. Especially for the spring time and rainy season.