Last week’s letter to the editor was hurtful, inaccurate towards all student athletes

This is a response to the letter to the editor about athlete conduct at an eating awareness event.

While I respect the intentions of the letter to the editor, I felt hurt and offended as a student athlete.

Every week I look through The Oakland Post to see any updates or activities on campus and I read the sports articles, hoping to see a friend make an appearance in the issue.

As a member of the women’s soccer team, I hardly receive any recognition or fan support from the majority of Oakland students — so any publicity is somewhat of a shocker.

But imagine how I felt as I read the article which generalized me and my teammates as “middle school boys.”

My team attended the movie premiere for Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

This was a function that all student-athletes were required to attend and they became the bulk of the audience. A few were, as was correctly pointed out, behaving inappropriately.

But, by no means, was this something that the entire population of student-athletes took as a joke.

The conduct of a few athletes has been generalized to something that implies immaturity and superiority of athletes.

Many sports teams at OU have small support groups to begin with and do not appreciate the unnecessary poor publicity.

I, myself, learned a lot and encourage the people who read The Oakland Post just as I do, to understand that most student-athletes work very hard to support the community and would hope the community would show some support back to the athletes of all sports.