Palace of Auburn Hills to spend $15 million on renovations

By Stephanie Sokol

The Palace of Auburn Hills announced they will spend $15 million on building updates including suites, player locker rooms and remodeling the main concourse level that serves all guests attending events, among other things.

As one of the nation’s oldest arenas, the Palace is important to Auburn Hills, according to Auburn Hills City Manager Peter Auger. Giving it a new look will keep fans returning to the city for games and events.

“(The new look) allows the Palace to stay up-to-date with amenities that provide the whole entertainment package,” Auger said.

According to Palace Vice President of Public Relations Kevin Grigg, everyone is excited about the renovations.

“Our players were welcomed with a new locker room space last season and this year we are focusing our efforts on the public areas of the building — doing whatever we can to make this an escape for the fans,” Grigg said. “We are striving for the cleaner and brighter look.”

Rossetti and International Facilities Group LLC worked with the Palace to further reveal the Palace brand and develop the renovations, while Frank Rewold & Son Inc. will implement the construction.

The moment fans step into the Palace, they will notice improvements. According to the Palace news release, renovations will be made at both the West and East Atrium. The Palace will add an open-air, full-service lounge aimed at providing a relaxed environment.

Technological updates including WiFi access as well as lighting and sound systems throughout the Palace are also included in the projects.

According to Kelly Deines, principle director of Creative Design for Rossetti, the company worked with the Palace to determine the best and least expensive way to achieve the goals of Dennis Mannion, President and CEO of Palace Sports and Entertainment, and Tom Gores, owner of Palace Sports and Entertainment.

“The Palace has always had incredible hospitality and service,” Deines said. “These projects will be for decluttering and making a more consistent look in all spaces.”

These renovations will provide a first-class experience for anyone visiting the Palace, according to Grigg. With updates to facilities and increases in technology, the construction projects will help the Palace stay up-to-date and fan friendly, keeping their reputation as one of the top sports and entertainment venues in the country, he said.

“The transformation of the West Atrium was well received last year and we are continually looking for exciting ways to create value and provide unique entertainment opportunities for every fan attending a game, concert or family show,” Dennis Mannion, CEO of Palace Sports and Entertainment and the Detroit Pistons, said in a press release. “Our improvement plan is designed to elevate the experience for all fans by upgrading the guest facing areas and using an aesthetic approach that is consistent with the Palace brand.”