What’s trending: 2012 freshmen class

By Stephanie Sokol

Freshmen were spotted on campus during Welcome Week wearing a plethora of stylish looks. The mostpopular outfit choices for new students this semester includes athletic wear, ripped jeans, leggings, flipflops and patterned apparel.

Many students sport their favorite team on their sleeve, whether it’s the Grizzlies or a professional group. Basketball shorts and flat-rim hats were a popular choice for young men, while many young women are wearing t-shirts with the OU logo to start the year off with school spirit and style.

In the pants department, girls who didn’t wear shorts opted for leggings or skinny jeans. Ripped jeans and flip flops were popular among young men and women as a casual, comfortable outfit for a long school day.

Patterns return this season with the incoming class. Freshmen favorites seem to be stripes, plaid and floral print shirts, as well as bags and hats.

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