Organizations work together to make your voice heard

By Postie Editors

We have a reputation as a commuter school — students come and go in their cars, grumble about parking and high tuition, but rarely protest to the powers that be.

This isn’t Cal Berkeley or Columbia University, which have inspiring histories of free speech movements and passionate student revolts.

But in three distinct cases this year, Oakland University students have made their  voices heard — and that is how it should be.

When all of the students are funding most of the expenditures across our campus, it’s only fair to let their concerns be heard — and some of the time, they are.

Meetings that have anything to do with students on this campus are supposed to be open to the public. By doing this, student concerns can be brought to the attention of the proper channels. But how often are things really changed based on student suggestions?

In this issue, you will find one story about the success of student voices.

It is the latest chapter in the quest for WXOU to find a proper place to broadcast at men’s basketball games after being removed from courtside and relegated to the upper portion of the O’rena.

It is a story of miscommunication, frustration, avoidance, dedication, deliberation, negotiation and finally vindication.

Through WXOU’s exertion and the dedicated efforts of Student Congress President Samantha Wolf, a proud and decorated broadcasting station found a new home for men’s basketball games — one that was built with them in mind.

While WXOU’s tale is one of the largest success stories where dialogue resulted in action and positive change, it is hardly the only one.

The Gay Straight Alliance also experienced a hopeful outcome in its fight to have Chick-fil-A removed from campus.

While the divisive restaurant remains in the Oakland Center for the time being, the efforts of the GSA, combined with concerned faculty and administration, forced Chartwells to poll the student population. The results of the survey and future of Chick-fil-A remain to be seen, but the outcome does not negate the progress.

Other student organizations have also answered the call to become more aware of student needs.

Recently, the Student Program Board voted to revamp its entire operation based on student suggestions and a desire to rise to an even higher level of student satisfaction.

The efforts of these organizations are a direct result of student sentiment and concern.

Students with qualms over university decisions or affairs should take comfort in the changes that the student organizations in the basement of the OC have made recently.

These organizations band together when student needs are presented, and they are now proving that your voice will not only be heard, but it will ignite dialogue, and through that dialogue, change.

The staff editorial is written weekly by members of The Oakland Post’s editorial board.