Letter to the Editor: Romney doesn’t deserve the presidential seat

How can so many voters be undecided at this point?

How can you out there be even considering voting for Romney when you don’t even know what he stands for?

Romney has revealed that he is a person that plays loose with the truth. The now historic 47 percent video tape caught and exposed him saying callous, condemning, elitist and ignorant things while writing off 47 percent of Americans when he was relaxed and among his friends and supporters. Now, oddly, he expects us to ignore his remarks and pretend with him that he does care about all 100 percent of us.

As a prep school senior, he sat atop a classmate he thought to be gay and with his buddies holding the classmate down, cut the classmate’s long hair. He neither admitted nor denied the occurrence when the event was brought up early in his campaign. He wants us to buy his answer that he “doesn’t remember” the incident. What an insult to our intelligence!

He refuses to say from where the revenues will come to pay for the extension of the Bush tax cuts and the continued oil company subsidies. He won’t reveal whose tax loopholes will be closed. The most wealthy or the middle class? And what loop holes does he has in mind. Does his plan eliminate the Mortgage interest deduction? Health care premiums and deductions? Who knows?

He says our country can’t afford ObamaCare, but it can afford Bush tax cuts and continued oil subsidies?

Whose back do you think he has?

Romney is consistently changing his mind about what he says he believes —which is his right. However when, he is called out on his inconsistency and denies it is a different position — one that is dishonest. Character should count. That he thinks he can get away with revising his history in this day of spell checkers, phone videos and Romney’s own website is, quite frankly, bizarre. It also says something else about his character.

That people would even consider entrusting the presidency to this man is irrational — as irrational as racism and blind party loyalty.