Recent survey doesn’t show true student sentiment

By Postie Editors

Kyle Minton

Senior, English Major


Chartwells recently facilitated a survey asking students their opinion on whether or not the restaurant Chick-fil-A, and all its homophobic implications, should remain on campus.  I thought the survey’s intentions were fair, but it was inconsiderate, rhetorical and poorly planned.

It was considerate because it is clear Chartwells is using the survey as ammunition against those who are against the establishment. Reading the survey, it is clear that Chartwells does not care about what the students believe but rather feel they can drum up enough support to ward off anyone saying otherwise. Which brings me to my next point: rhetorical. The phrasing of some questions seem biased, for example “Are you aware that Chick-fil-A employs students and is not run by the Chick-fil-A corporation?” While I may have paraphrased the question, it still stands that the answer, either yes or no, is arbitrary. The purpose of the question was to tell students, indirectly, all of Chartwells’ counterpoints to the opposition. Answering that question would tell them nothing of what they students believe on the matter. Finally, I say the survey was poorly planned because one table in a relatively low trafficked area of the OC, certainly does not capture the voice of the student body.

It is time to let go of our pride in the effort for equality. It is clear that the name Chick-fil-A carries homophobic implications, the fact that we consider this establishment a source of pride for our campus and our state is an insult to me as a student, citizen and a person.