Man on the street


Senior, Japanese

On campus: “Fireside lounge and Bumpers Pool room because that’s where all my friends hang. There’s always something to do.”

Off campus: “The Theta Chi fraternity house because a lot of my friends are a part of the frat and weekends there are great with the parties they throw.”


Freshman, Cinema Studies

On campus: “My dorm room (and the dorms) because I don’t really hang out. Plus, my friends all do the same thing.”

Off campus: “Buffalo Wild Wings — Tuesdays are great and the honey BBQ wings are the best.”


Senior, Sociology

On campus: “Barnes and Noble in the Oakland Center because they always keep me ready for class with school supplies and the OU gear they have.”

Off campus: “T.G.I. Friday’s because me and my girls always meet up there to have a good weekend.”


Junior, Pre-elementary education

On campus: “I wish I knew. My dorm is the only place I hang because I am always studying — Previously attending a school in Misouri, the education is different and requires more attention.”

Off campus: “Downtown Royal Oak because of the atmosphere. There is no shortage of places to go and just chill — love the laid-back atmosphere.”

— Compiled and photographed 

by Staff Intern Allen Jordan