Writing and rhetoric department hosts fall writing marathon

By Postie Editors

Oakland University’s writing and rhetoric department hosted their fall writing marathon Sept. 27. Participants varied from students, faculty and staff. Writers were asked to search around campus and free-write where ever they found inspiration. All participants broke down into small groups and ventured out for their word-filled journey.

While exploring campus, many groups found different sources for inspiration. From Beer Lake to the Kresge fountain, the creativity started flowing. The stories were all different in topics and backgrounds.

Daniel Lewis, a freshman pre-physical therapy student, moved with his group to many spots all around campus.

“Writing is important because it gives me a chance to express myself and say what I’m feeling,” Lewis said.

Lewis found numerous points of inspiration, but started his writing at Beer Lake. He wasn’t alone there.

Writing and Rhetoric professor Pamela Todoroff also sought inspiration from the water. Being Todoroff’s first semester at OU, she said she took a lot away from the event.

“Writers are strange people,” Todoroff said. “We find free writing interesting. We are inspired by what is around us. Writers do their best work when we work collaboratively.”

The groups met back at Fireside Lounge for refreshments and to share their work. While sharing, prizes were raffled off including Starbucks and Barnes & Noble giftcards, a McDonalds cash book and candy. This event was extra credit for the students who participated.

Professors said they enjoyed the experience just as much. Sheryl Ruszkiewicz, a writing and rhetoric professor participated in the marathon for the first time.

“The best part was I had the chance to write with some of my students outside of the classroom,” Ruszkiewicz said.

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