LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Obama unfit for the Presidential Office

By Postie Editors

Do you remember the election of 2008? Do you remember how we thought that Obama was this miracle man who would sweep the country off its feet and bring us together in a common bond of American fervor and unity? Do you remember? Yet, here we are. The economy is in the absolute tank. Twenty-four million of us are out of work.

We have a new national healthcare plan that the vast majority of Americans didn’t want and that is already making healthcare costs skyrocket. Gas is twice as expensive as it was four years ago. We have accumulated almost more debt than every other President combined. And all this while for his first two years in office, Democrats controlled the White House and both branches of Congress.

Obama could have done anything he wanted, and he couldn’t even pass a budget.

And Romney? He saved the 2002 Olympics from utter collapse, bringing them from a $300 million-plus deficit to a $120 million-plus surplus. When the head of Bain Capital, he rescued business after business from meltdown. While governor of Massachusetts, he made their schools foremost in the nation and balanced the budget every year. (Pssst-he did that with an 87 percent Democratic Congress.)

Romney wins in every comparison.

That people would even consider entrusting the presidency to Obama again is an indication of the racism and blind party loyalty that is so often exhibited by the radical Left.

The choice is clear: extremist liberal policies like we have suffered under for the past four years, or wiser, more moderate ideas that will yank us out of this hole we put ourselves in when we elected Barack Obama.

Nick Walter

Liberal Studies, Freshman