Introducing Tech Bites, a blog about technology

We are now more connected than ever. Status updates, tweets and Foursquare check-ins let us know what our friends are doing at all times.

Powering these new links between us is a new wave of technology that enables us to take devices with the full capability of computers and put them in our pockets.

The technology allows us to do a great many things that 10 years ago would have seemed impossible, but with the new possibilities come new questions.

How do we protect our privacy? Should we really trust something that could crash at any moment with our term papers? Are there simple measures to protect our online accounts?

These are a few of the questions this blog aims to answer.

Before we get started, I wish to tell you just a little bit about my interest in technology to provide some context. I don’t consider myself an expert. Rather, I’m a tech enthusiast.

My interest in technology comes out of necessity, I suppose. I have cerebral palsy and I get around with the use of an electric wheelchair. My legs are at times like jelly and my right arm sometimes feels like more of a decoration than a useful object.

The good news is advances in technology keep making it easier for me to live my life. I use a combination of speech recognition and word prediction technology to do my writing. There are now touchscreen cameras even on my phone which enable me to take pictures and video. I firmly believe my iPhone has done as much for my independence as anything else.

The flip side to the abilities given by a heavy reliance on technology is that it does fail.

Some failures are worse than others. The speech recognition sometimes makes mistakes. To this day, I can’t reference jaywalk (J-Lo) without it making a mistake. You can leave those failures in when your friends are having a bad day to get them to laugh.

On the other hand, some failures would be truly disastrous. If my recognition files were lost, it would take me six months to read train this thing to work properly.

In short, I’ve learned how to fix certain problems and how to take precautions against data loss.

It is my aim over the course of the next semester to pass on my knowledge to help you navigate a technology landscape that seems to get more confusing by the day.

If you are looking for new product reviews this is probably not the place you want to be. I lust after new products as much as the next person, but, alas, I’m not Bill Gates and my budget as limited as any other college student and The Post probably isn’t on any company’s shortlist for review units.

What I can promise you is weekly advice and perhaps the occasional look at what’s on the horizon.

Let’s step out on the bleeding edge together. I’ll be right there with you.Let’s step out on the bleeding edge together. I’ll be right there with you.