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    Suspicious profApr 3, 2024 at 2:59 PM

    1. Salary data are available because we are a public school. Claiming that professors are lazy and overpaid indicates that those who say it are lazy and ignorant.

    2. I don’t know whether strikes are romanticized, classicized, or baroqueized. I do know that the current OU administration is the epitome of turpitude, with zero respect for faculty. I also know that faculty have no leverage against the so-called academic leaders other than striking.

    3. Unfortunately, the latest bargaining cycle indicated that the union was not prepared to confront the evildoers: the board of “trustees,” Pescovitz, and the whole Wilson Hall cabal. Two-thirds of the bargaining time was dedicated to things like gendered language, and the economic issues came up only later. Union’s economic proposal was barely acceptable, and they failed to push it through.

    4. Sadly, the faculty acquiesced to an appalling contract and enabled evildoers by showing utter gutlessness.

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      yousefApr 10, 2024 at 10:05 AM

      Wadsworth and Pesco are EVIL. remember they are the same people who coerced a clot shot in your arm that is totally safe and effective with no side effects and definitely stops you from getting covid way better than natural immunity. Remember how the whole narrative went from stopping you from getting Covid to stop you from spreading covid to prevent serious illness and hospitalization to well it only lasts a little while so you need your 59th booster shot. Isnt the moving goalpost a red flag?

      remember how masks totally work despite no evidence? What did Cochrane say about this topic? what about trying to stop a bee from going through a chain link fence makes sense?

      They should be in prison rotting away let alone running a university.