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    yousefMar 25, 2024 at 9:14 AM

    “Every religion’s goal is to transform oneself,” Nagaraj said as the event ended. “So, the more that you practice the spiritual path of doing good things, the ultimate goal is to get to the level of consciousness where you meet the spiritual.”

    This is a superficial understanding of religions. Religions believe contradictory and mutually exclusive things. To say religions all have essentially the same goal is foolish.

    Islam (sunni) believe in a hedonic paradise awaits them where men will be given virgins with swelling breast that can be perpetually deflowered. you can infer that given Surah 65:4 there may even be prepubescent children (no min age but at least as young as 9) in their harems.

    Christians believe that standing in the presence of God awaits them on a new heaven and new earth. This fundamentally is their greatest joy.

    Jews (depending on the type) believe in a merit based afterlife with an outcome similar to Christians.

    Hindus are polytheistic pagans and Buddhists are atheists.