Black Rebel Motorcycle Club roll into Detroit

“Detroit’s a strange, spooky place,” says Peter Hayes, lead singer and guitarist of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, who are bringing their leather-slathered gazing brand of rock to St. Andrew’s Hall May 10. A strange, spooky place is a fitting scene for the group touring along their sixth proper album, “Specter at the Feast”.

The new album, written and recorded after the death of bassist Robert Levon Been’s father, Michael, wbho also served as a producer to BRMC, encompasses a lot of that grieving process, along with many other influences.

“It’s coming from a little bit of everything and anything. We’re always trying to do that, tie [the songs] together to make it kind of cohesive,” Hayes says.

The current summer tour weaves the band stateside, from small venues like St. Andrew’s in Detroit to mammoth festival outings, such as Sasquatch! Festival in Washington. Both types of shows have their own prevailing attributes.

“The hard thing about festivals is it can be everybody playing is in the same boat,” Hayes says of the “throw and go’s, where you walk in, throw your amps up and play.”

“I’m waiting for the day where the fans at the festival can vote for the songs they want. Kind of like a jukebox.”

Hayes says that while the band isn’t seeking any more fame or money, the most humbling part of his job is inspiring fans to play music of their own.

“It’s a pretty incredible thought. I would never have expected that to happen in my life. I don’t think that much of myself. To have someone turn around and go, ‘Man, I felt like playing music because of you?’ It’s a lovely thing.”

While Hayes doubts BRMC’s reception at times, he thinks keeping the music respectable and authentic is important to success.

“I never get too caught up in the whole downloading music for free. [With some music] there’s no reason to respect that, so why would you pay money for that? We try to bring back more important things. Not sure if we’re any good at it, but hopefully someone else along the way will do it.”

Hayes says the band plans to keep boots to the ground and keep this tour going for a while, with only one real assertanable goal in mind.

“I’m not looking for money or album sales. Honestly, the goal is to not fuck it up along the way. I feel lucky to be where we’re at, so we’re not looking for more.”

Doors open at 7 pm Friday at St. Andrew’s Hall, with opening band thenewno2 kicking off the night.