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    YousefNov 15, 2023 at 12:28 PM

    This issue will not stop unless you kill all of us or abortion becomes unthinkable. We will lobby, protest, march, and pray until our goals are accomplished and maintained. We can win through non violent and peaceful means. The tragedy is many children will suffer in the interim.

    We have been radically successful at shifting hearts and minds when people are properly educated on what an abortion is. It is only a matter of time (maybe 7-10 years) until we shift ~4-6 percent of the electorate to our side. Ironically through a ballot referendum we will likely overturn prop 3.

    If we can win in the schools it will be sooner. But either way we are out reproducing you. You have less and abort your children and we have more and don’t so you’ve conceded the next generation to us.