OUTV Fall Preview: ‘The Wall,’ ‘Sideline Sports,’ ‘The View’

OUTV along with the Student Video Production (SVP) Club is preparing their shows “Lunch Break”, “The Wall” and “Sideline Sports Wrap” for the fall. 

The SVP encourages students in any major with interest in TV production to get involved. 

“Our shows have a lot of variety,” said Dan Donahue, a host for “Sideline Sports”. “We’ve got “Lunch Break” which is kind of like a “Saturday Night Live”, “The Wall” which is similar to “The View” and “Sideline Sports” which is similar to any ESPN debate show.” 

“The Wall”, was created in fall 2012 by Oakland students Zalika Aniapam and Yahawa Ashaqua.

There is the lead host, Brian Johnston, and two other co-hosts, Victoria Craw and Revon Yousiff.

Johnston will be graduating in December. Rebekah Thomas and Demisha Jackson have been added to the staff to replace the hosts after graduation. 

Every episode usually consists of three topics per episode. As lead host, Johnston normally introduces the topic, provides some background information for viewers, states his opinion and then selects a host to explain their opinion. 

The topics vary every week, from politics to the Kimye (Kanye and Kim Kardashian) baby craze. 

As lead host, Johnston goal is to stimulate the other hosts into debated conversations where they all get to share their opinions. 

“My favorite part about being a host was getting to bond with my co-host and learning things about them,” Mayhand said. “Everyone’s personalities just meshed and I loved that!”

“Sideline Sports”, is hosted by Dan Donahue, Lelia Cotton, Jordan Pitts and Austin Lass. 

Demisha Jackson, events coordinator for SVP, and Donahue, along with the rest of the crew, team up weekly to make the show a success. 

“Demisha decides how she wants the shots and I pick the topics of the week,” Donahue said. 

Although this is a debate show, the hosts don’t allow their debates to get so heated they affect off screen relations. 

“I’ve yelled at Jordan and got in his face before, but it never gets too serious we’ll still go get Applebees after the show,” Donahue said.

All three shows are taken care of by students in SVP. For more information on SVP check out the OUTV website, or their Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Episodes are filmed every week and the latest episodes are always posted on OUTV’s website. The first episode for fall semester will be on Thursday, September 12.