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    yousefOct 11, 2023 at 3:44 PM

    DEI is a moral abomination. It purports to help those who cannot help themselves and by doing so infantilizes entire groups of people. It casts doubt on the achievements and merits of members of those groups because it will forever be ambiguous if the achievement of that person within that group legitimately merited that achievement or was given that achievement by some DEI initiative.

    lets look at SFA V Harvard. Asians were ruthlessly discriminated against to the point where the gap between asians and other minorities admitted to programs was insane. other minorities were 3-4 times more likely to be admitted than their equivalently qualified Asian counterparts.

    Would you want a doctor that was only a doctor because of a college and medical school diversity program? Do you want the best neurosurgeon poking at your brain or a diversity hire? Do you want the best heart surgeon or a diversity hire heart surgeon? DEI would have these positions filled with an “equity” lense. If there aren’t enough surgeons of color then that must mean the medical industrial complex is racist and oppressive right?

    What about engineering? do you want the best engineers designing roads and bridges or should we let the DEI fiends into the hiring process? dont you increase the risk of hiring non qualified candidates by giving credence to a non-meritorious immutable characteristic?

    DEI is a racist grift .it justifies worthless positions like Chief Diversity Officers (Bishops of the DEI Cult imo), wastes money on consultants, and poisons the minds of young people into identifying with a racial group.

    DEI creates hostile work environments where members of the “out” groups have to walk on eggshells and increases the risk of an internal incident by associating with members of the “in group”. think about this for a moment. if your workplace is poisoned with constant DEI cult religious worship and all you want to do is make and design widgets to sell and make money. If you have some coworkers that are committed cultists are you going to want to work with them knowing they can be offended over almost anything any day of the week? Isnt it safer for your career to avoid mentoring and associating with them due to the increased risk to your career? How does this help anyone?