Dreaming is believing

I’ve always heard you can become a more creative person by writing down your dreams. I mean, Stephanie Meyer, author of the Twilight series, based the entire franchise off a dream she had. Last year, I figured I’d give it a shot and write down my dreams. 

The results weren’t exactly franchise-worthy.

I would say my dreams fall into a few categories: symbolic, plain goofy and stupid.

I’ll start with me being stupid.

I had a dream where my roommate and I were fighting terrorists (because I’m an American.) Eventually, we approached a guy who looked a little like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and he had a machine gun. Luckily, I had a hand grenade and I threw it at him. However, since I’ve never actually used a hand grenade, I forgot to pull the pin. The Rock’s doppleganger picked up the grenade and started running at me. The dream ended with me reaching out, in slow motion, when the explosion went off.

Based off that, I could make a cliché action-comedy movie starring The Rock. It would do better than Pain & Gain.

Sometimes dreams can have mysterious and symbolic meanings. For example, a lot of people have dreams where their teeth are falling out. There are plenty of dream-analysis websites and some of them say that teeth falling out means you’re uncomfortable with your appearance. I haven’t had a dream where my teeth fall out. I have had a dream where my toenails fell off. I do need a pedicure. 

The most symbolic dream I ever had was me sitting at a dining room table with a family that wasn’t mine. There was a giant strand of pearls and we each started to eat the pearl strands and grew closer and closer.

After you have a dream like that, you’re not sure how to feel. It was weird, but what did it mean?

According to dreammoods.com, “To see a string of pearls in your dream represents conformity and sameness.” It doesn’t say anything about eating them.

I guess that dream could work for my film.

I don’t think my dreams are quite as simple as Twilight. I have had a dream where my friends and I had to defeat a vampire though. The plot twist was that my friends’ fathers killed the vampire’s son and that’s why he was going around wreaking havoc. Take that, Stephanie Meyer. How’s that for a twist? The good guys were the bad guys.

Although keeping a log of my dreams has proved entertaining, I don’t think I can develop a franchise based off them.

 Pearl strands and toenails falling off. I haven’t even mentioned the one where Nicolas Cage taught me how to beet farm, cut me with farming equipment, and made me become a supervillain yet (there’s the goofy category.)