What’s in Your Office: Graeme Harper, dean of the Honors College

Located next to east entrance of Vandenberg Hall, Dr. Graeme Harper’s office does not feel like the traditional office with its curved shape and generous view of campus through a wall-sized window.

“It’s a great little space, this one, and it was really well designed,” said Harper as he discussed his office and some of the interesting objects within.

1 – On the top of a bookshelf sits a British army film projector he bought at a yard sale. Harper said he used to be a filmmaker and found it interesting.


2 – In the corner of his office is a bookshelf packed with his own books; he has written 25 in total. “I can’t stop. It’s kind of like a habit,” said Harper.


3 – Hidden in another corner of his office hangs a wooden duck that he received as a present from his wife. Harper said he loves how much wildlife there is in Michigan. “They sell chipmunks for $50 each in Britain – and here I am with hundreds of them in my backyard!”


4 – (Iguana on boat picture) “I grew up in Australia… and it was common to go look for reptiles to catch and bring home. As a kid, I don’t know how many bearded dragons I had as pets – I had a bit of a lizard thing going on.”


5 – Here is a framed picture of the cover of his first novel, “Black Cat, Green Field.”


6 – Also a framed photo of Matilda Wilson. “Matilda Wilson is on my hero list.”


7 – The hanging piece of slate with colorful letters printed on it is actually the Welsh anthem. Harper said he used to work for the Welsh television industry, and that 80 percent of the county he was in spoke Welsh.