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    yousefSep 12, 2023 at 1:29 PM

    Pres Pesco is responsible for coercing a healthy student population to undergo an experimental medical procedure (that never worked like it was advertised to) or undergo onerous “testing”. Under her leadership mask rules were promulgated despite early evidence they were ineffective. A recent Cochran review confirmed this.

    Dean of Students Michael Wadsworth was happy to bully students as well and attempted to expel those who were not compliant and decided to engage in critical thought.

    Remember Pesco and Michael Wadsworth how the shot was supposed to stop you from getting COVID, then it was supposed to stop the spread, then it was supposed to stop hospitalization and death, then it would make symptomatic infection less severe, then it had waning effects after a few months and now you need to be up to date on your booster of 3 months?

    Think critically for a moment. if we ignore the moving goal post which in and of itself was a HUGE RED FLAG; the hypothesis “If i didnt have this shot I wouldve had a worse infection” CANNOT BE PROVEN FALSE. RED FLAG YOURE BEING LIED TO AND MANIPULATED.

    Both of them ought to resign and the BOT made a mistake in rehiring her. I have nothing but utter contempt for their actions.

    OP i am not attacking them personally only their actions in their official capacities as school admins.