Oakland’s Gold Vibrations sings ‘Pitch Perfect’

By Kaylee Kean

Gold Vibrations, one of Oakland University’s a cappella group, had auditions for new members last Wednesday and Thursday night in Varner Hall.

All students, whatever their musical experience, were invited to prepare a selection from their favorite pop song or show tune to sing for the eight current members.

Justin Donoghue, president of Gold Vibrations, said that at least seven members of Gold Vibes have left in the past year due to graduation, transferring, and other school-related issues.

Much of the group was recruited last year.

 “This is my first time on the other side of auditions,” said Elise Selberg, a sophomore in Gold Vibrations. “It’s really different.”

When it came time to enter the audition room, each auditionee was questioned and conversed with the Gold Vibrations team before performing.

“We are looking for a good fit for our group… not just musically but personality-wise,” said Donoghue.

Over 80 students came to audition between both nights.


Ben Liu, a nursing major, was the first audition. 

“I think singing is fun even when I’m not that good at it,” said Liu. “I’m a hot mess, but I’m going to go in there and give it my best!”

There were many different selections and styles of song, such as Queen, Elton John, Adele, Broadway show tunes, The Beatles, Beyoncé and more.

“I feel really good,” said Donaghue about the auditions. “We surpassed last year for the number of people auditioning, and there was a lot of great talent.”

The other members of Gold Vibrations felt the same.

“I thought it was super, duper fun,” said Selburg after the second night of auditions. “I think what people don’t realize is we are just as nervous as they are… we want them to succeed.”


Making goals

Donaghue said he has been a member for the whole five years Gold Vibrations has been at Oakland and is  trying to find ways to improve the group.

“Our main goal of the season is to place at ICCA,” said Donoghue, referring to the International Championships of A Capella.

Donaghue said there are also plans to work on a Gold Vibrations album.

But the group’s priority is to find new Gold Vibrations members and train them for the year ahead.


Take a listen

Gold Vibrations has two public concerts a year. The first will be Nov. 1 at the Varner Recital Hall, free of charge – although donations will be accepted.