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    cheyenne tarasenkoJul 19, 2023 at 12:22 PM

    Arianna Heyman, you have a great opportunity to reinstate the Freedom of the Press, and Freedom of Speech in the United States, beginning at Oakland University. The choice is yours.

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    yousefJul 19, 2023 at 10:12 AM


    A robust free press that values truth is critical to a functioning society. You are correct and i agree whole heartedly that media shapes our opinions and the lense we use to see the world.

    Giving any consideration to what has been called hate speech and disinformation is unwise. What exactly is hate speech? who defines what is hateful? is hate speech simply speech you dont like or consider blasphemous to your worldview? what standard do you use and what do you do about it? censor those who engage in what you think is hate speech? arent you just cutting your nose to spite your face if you do this?

    disinformation is even stickier of an issue. first of all what is disinformation? who decides what is truth? The CIA, FBI, CDC, NSA, DHS, or CISA? What makes “official” sources preferable to determine what constitutes truth and thereby discern what may be disinformation? I think some of these orgs have behaved reprehensibly in the last few years as evidenced in the Twitter files and several congressional hearings. If they cannot be trusted who is? If the premise that these orgs cannot be trusted is true isnt the term disinformation useless? Furthermore isnt an appeal to authority logically fallacious reasoning when determining truth?

    Was it not the IRS who was weaponized to go after a certain admins political rivals? Didnt a certain president say the shots would prevent you from getting covid? what happened to two weeks to slow the spread? Was it the CDC that published material on how to have social distanced casual sex during a pandemic? what governor in june of 2020 marched in lansing shoulder to shoulder without social distancing during the pandemic? was this the same governor who went after Karl Manke’s barber shop and lost? Which FBI raided certain journalists in New York (J.Okeefe)? which CIA killed Abdulrahman Anwar al-Awlaki without due process or trial?

    i would add links to substantiate my claims but the OP doesnt allow them anymore

    I would caution you from assuming sources that are “official” are true in and of themselves. you must always consider each organizations motives and not blindly trust them. Even if the data they are presenting is technically correct how it is arranged and presented can distort what the data may actually say.

    Looking forward to a new EIC.

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      YouhanaJul 20, 2023 at 3:13 PM

      Yousef, it is ironic that the same relativism you rail against when it comes to “absolute truths” and “natural law” you now attempt pathetically to use to distinguish between hate speech and other speech. I have read your statements regarding the question “what is a woman?” and other culture war issues the right uses to divide people and find it comical that you are in essence defending the right to spew hatred with those same arguments you are emphatically against. Hate speech is unwise Yousef. Try harder not to use it.

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        yousefJul 21, 2023 at 8:19 AM


        The purpose of my comment was to point out the term “hate speech” is nebulous because hate in and of itself is highly subjective. i view asking the question of “what is a woman” as legitimate and not the nebulous term hate speech or hateful at all.

        I assume based on your choice of an example you consider the question “What is a woman” as hate speech. This is exactly the point of my previous comment. i do not consider asking someone to explain what they mean when they claim a label while you presumably do. Especially when that label has traditionally been understood to mean a certain thing and that thing has been granted with their own spaces in law and society.

        Labeling whatever someone says on the opposite end of an issue as hateful shuts down conversation. It is a personal attack you can use to cudgel your opponents into submission without ever addressing their points on the issue.

        Why dont you define hate speech? Specifically what hate is and how it is determined in as specific terms as possible, feel free to include an example. I think it is understood as speech you dont like or find blasphemous to your worldview.

        Props to OP for letting my comments post. Let us post links in comments again.