What’s in Your Office: Dick Goody

Located  next to the Oakland University Art Gallery in Wilson Hall, Associate Professor of Art , Dick Goody’s office sits. Filled to the brim with works of art, Goody’s office is quite the sight for sore eyes.

“They’re like familiar friends,” Goody said. “Sometimes I have to move things out, but you don’t like to move things, you just let them do their thing.”

  1. Displayed on the wall to the left of Goody’s desk, this abstract piece from London-born artist Malcolm Morley hangs.

  2. This piece, from expressionist and printmaker, Max Pechstein, is perched behind Goody. “It’s almost as if the hand of the artist has touched the work,” Goody said. “You can almost see the way he sort of scraped into the wood to make that print.”

  3. From two different ends of Papua New Guinea, these two pieces are from different ends of the island, which explains their difference in style. The one on the left being seems much more ghost-like than the other.

  4. A work from one of Detroit’s best known Cass Corridor artists, Gordon Newton, is perched in the corner of Goody’s office.

  5. Cane Garden Bay, a painting by Alex Katz, suggests the nature of the Hamptons and the leisure class.

  6. Ed Fraga’s work, “Omnipresent Hand,” is one of the office’s larger paintings. The frame of this painting is constructed of highway median from Michigan Avenue, near the location of The Detroit Tigers’ old home, Tiger Stadium.