Brooke Quarles-Daniels wins Horizon League Freshman of the Year


The women’s basketball team in a huddle against IU

Oakland University guard Brooke Quarles-Daniels has been named the 2022-23 Horizon League Freshman of the Year in women’s basketball. 

She made history as the first player in program history to receive this award, and is also the only freshman on all three All-League teams.  

Playing for the Michigan Crossover as a high schooler — which is a Nike-sponsored team — helped prepare Quarles-Daniels for the level at which she has prospered. She is one of a kind — a prolific scorer who can do it all and is very consistent at doing so. She is always a player who ends up on the stat sheet in all categories. 

As a freshman that transitioned so well coming from high school, Quarles-Daniels has handled all the pressure and done everything Oakland University has asked of her, adding a new element to the team’s offense. Her physicality and the fire she brings to get the team going and hyped up — whether she is out there playing or off the court — are big parts of the team’s culture. 

“The fire comes from me just wanting to be involved and wanting to be there,” Quarles-Daniels said. “It’s just like the hunger that I have for the game.” 

Coach Jeff Tungate has always followed Quarles-Daniels’s game and knew he wanted her as an addition to the team when she was only in the eighth grade. Now, with her on the team, he trusts her and has so much confidence in her to make a play.

“With the ball in her hands, she’s going to make the play,” Tungate said. “She is very capable of doing that. She’s a great player and hopefully will win freshman of the year.” 

That was a mission accomplished with ease. Quarles-Daniels has performed so well throughout the season and has checked everything off the list as to why she was the perfect person for this award. It was very deserving, to say the least, and a remarkable accomplishment to be Oakland’s only Freshman of the Year in program history. 

“It feels great to represent myself and Oakland University as well,” Quarles-Daniels said. “You know, I came in and my coaches told me they were happy for me. My mom always told me to count my blessings, and she always stressed the fact that God has a plan for me, and I just know that Oakland is a part of my journey.”

Quarles-Daniels still has three years left in her collegiate career, and all of the hard work and hours that she has dedicated to the game have already paid off. Her variety of skills should not be taken for granted. Brooke Quarles-Daniels is built differently.