Bear bus day 2013

The OU Student Congress, Resident Hall Association, and University Housing held the second annual Bear Bus Day from noon to 2 p.m. Thursday in the Fireside Lounge.



There was music, free food and multiple chances at winning “spirit gear”. There was also a raffle for an iPad mini, which each contestant could only enter by going around the room and having each organization sign his or her entry slip.

The Bear Bus had a table set up at the front of the room with information, activities and uniformed employees to greet passing students.

The OUSC, RHA and Housing each had tables, as well, but the main focus was on promoting the Bear Bus system.



Kelly Goolsby, a supervisor for the program, was one of the workers who attended the event.

“Bear Bus Day is about getting information on the Bear Bus,” said Goolsby. “We want everyone to know about the changes going on.”

According to Goolsby, there will be more changes to the Bear Bus system in order to further accommodate the parking committee’s demands. These changes will come into effect Monday – Bear Bus Day was an effort to raise awareness.

“It’s like an information day with free food and prizes,” said Goolsby.

Stephanie Pentecost, driver for the Bear Bus, said that this had been her first Bear Bus Day.

“I think it’s really nice for getting the word out,” said Pentecost. “It (the Bear Bus) is not utilized enough on campus.”



Many students attended Bear Bus Day, munching on free food and conversing with the various employees.

One such student was Brian Willig.

Willig said he has been at Oakland for five years and feels pretty well-informed about the Bear Bus system and the various ways it can be used. He attended last year’s Bear Bus Day and won a free TV from the raffle.

There is one thing about the Bear Bus, however, that he wishes was different.

“I look forward to the day when they have vans with more accessibility for my scooter and crutches,” said Willig, who lives in an apartment on campus. “I use the buses a lot, but they can be frustrating.”

Other than that, Willig said his thoughts of the Bear Bus are positive.

“I think it’s great,” said Willig. “I love Bear Bus Day.”

For more information on the Bear Bus visit or email [email protected].