Athlete Profile: Nirva Patel


Jose Juarez

Nirva Patel gets into her stance while the opponent gets ready to serve against LSSU on March 19. Photo courtesy of OU Athletics.

Summer Weathers, Sports Reporter

Nirva Patel is on the women’s tennis team. She dominates on the court, and her tenacity has driven her to a successful tennis career. 

She is a senior majoring in communication with a minor in digital media productions. After graduating, Patel plans on returning to England to fulfill her goal of obtaining a career in marketing or social media management. 

As an active child, she played tennis, field hockey and did swimming, but tennis was the sport that was intuitive. 

She picked up a racket and really honed in on tennis at the age of seven, starting to play competitively at 12. Once she devoted herself more and more to the sport everyday, she realized how much she loved it, and knew where tennis could take her. 

“I had the most success from tennis,” Patel said. 

Now, as a college tennis player, it has been nothing but a wonderful experience for her as she has gotten to know herself and her talents. Tennis has given Patel the passion and drive to get better and better. 

She is fond of studying the game and grinding her matches out, setting specific goals she wants to happen for herself and for the team to achieve as a whole.

“I want to have a 4-2 record this season, and I want us to win the Horizon League,” she said.

Patel has excelled all throughout her years of being at Oakland. She is definitely one of those players who the team can count on to go out there and play hard and is very connected with her teammates when it comes to doubles.

She also has been recognized as Horizon League Singles Player of the Week. 

Patel’s hard work has paid off. She has the perseverance and what it takes to win when she is out there, and for that, she surely makes for a great tennis player.  

One thing she likes most about being a student-athlete that she will take with her when she graduates is the great support system she has had at OU.

“I’ve grown 100% here,” she said. “I’ve enjoyed my experience here a lot. Everyone knows everyone, especially in the athletic department.

“I know everytime I come here, people are going to support me, whether we win, whether we lose. I have been able to talk to other coaches from other sports and have their support, as well,” Patel said. “I think that has really helped during my time here. It is a really cohesive environment, and that is what I really love about the school.”