Police Files: Oct. 16

Brian Figurski

Female stalked on campus

A female student reported that she was being stalked on campus by a male in a small blue car Sept. 24.

The victim left campus around 11:50 a.m. and went to McDonald’s on Baldwin Road. 

As she ate inside the establishment, she saw the blue car sitting in the parking lot. 

The car followed her as she left the restaurant and went to Best Buy on Brown Road in Auburn Hills and parked in front of her. 

They walked in at the same time and the victim notified the greeter she was being followed. She called her mother, who was able to photograph the license plate while he was in the store.

Best Buy was able to provide video of the suspect and police were able to pull an image off the license plate number. 

The victim identified the suspect.


Faculty member threatened

A student made serious threats to a faculty member Oct. 9.

The victim reported that messages were left by the student to both his university and home phone number, saying the student had proof of the victim having a physical relationship with the student’s ex-wife.

The student’s message said he knows the victim’s home and work address and threatened to show the video to the victim’s wife.

The victim stated he never had any type of relationship with the ex-wife, who is also a student.

During a conference call between all parties, the victim again denied all claims of a physical relationship.

 The victim was scheduled to show up in person to the police department and failed to show. 

A Persona Non Grata letter will be sent to the suspect’s home.