Athlete Profile: Yasmin Glazbrook


Photo courtesy of Oakland University Athletics

Yasmin Glazbrook and Nirva Patel were recently recognized for their achievements during the Oakland tennis team’s recent trip to Florida.

Yasmin Glazbrook is a gifted tennis player whose ambition on the court has led to several accomplishments.

Growing up in Australia before moving to the U.S., Glazbrook always knew she wanted to play tennis at the collegiate level. She has been putting in the work, and is grateful to be representing Oakland through the sport she loves. 

“For me, it is an honor to be able to just play and compete and have fun,” Glazbrook said. “It’s an honor because I have been working my whole life to play tennis, so being able to be here and show what I can do and be a part of a team full of amazing girls — it’s great. I love it.” 

Even though she played other sports like swimming and lacrosse, tennis is something that became second nature and has stuck with her since. Glazbrook first grabbed a tennis racket at the very young age of four. 

“Tennis is the one that I really liked,” she said. 

Glazbrook started her collegiate career in Green Bay, Wisconsin. With a YouTube video that went up from a recruiting agency, Oakland showed interest in her, and she then transferred.

Since then, she has brought her talent to Oakland University. Being a tennis player involves a lot of commitment and dedication. Just like anything, it takes a lot of hard work. Glazbrook devotes countless hours to practicing and working to get better and better.

Glazbrook has a particular set of skills, giving opponents a run for their money. She has perfected her serve, which is arguably the most imperative skill in tennis.

The season has already started, but her goal is to win at the Division I level. Last year, Glazbrook had single game wins against University of Mary, Chicago State and Northern Kentucky, to name a few. She gives her all whenever she is out there.

After she graduates, Glazbrook will be headed back to her hometown in search of a career in the sports world.

“Just going home and trying to start everything and just adjusting back to life back in Australia, because it’s so different here,” she said.

Glazbrook is currently a communication major at Oakland. After tennis is over and school is finished, her end goal is to be on camera, covering sporting events and reporting on sports news in an engaging way.