What’s in Your Office: Patricia Wren

Located in 3098 Human Health Building, Patricia Wren, associate professor and the program director of Health Sciences, keeps her office decorated with sports paraphernalia, decorative pictures and sweets to create a more welcoming atmosphere for her visitors.  

“The sports items seem to make my office not so academic and not so stuffy,” Wren said. “I hope I create a climate in my classroom that says we can talk about things, and I hope I’ve created a nice space in my office where we can talk about real stuff.”

  1. One thing Wren has in her office is graffiti. These are all pictures of graffiti.

“One of the things I’m really obsessed with, since I live in Detroit, is street art,” Wren said. “I think it is a magnificent way of beautifying neighborhoods.”

Wren has a collection of street art at home, as well as in her office.

  1. This is a book of graffiti. Wren also keeps Tootsie Rolls on a table, mostly for others who visit her office.

  2. Wren also has a collection of bobble heads in her office, along with several other sporty things. Behind the bobble heads are two of Wren’s diplomas. The left is her Master of Public Health degree from the University of Michigan, the right, is her PHD from U of M.

  3. Wren has two favorite bobble heads. One is a bobble head created of herself. She also likes her Bo Schembechler, Michigan’s former football coach.

  4. The soccer jersey was worn by The Detroit City Football Club, Wren’s favorite soccer team. The jersey was worn in a match by Mich’ele Lipari. It’s camouflage because it was a benefit for The Wounded Warriors Project. It was a way to provide money to help service men and women who have experienced combat related injuries, in many cases, amputation.

“At the silent auction all of the health science faculty came decked out in our Detroit City Football stuff so we could be supportive because a number of Oakland students play on that team,” Wren said.

  1. Wren keeps several photos around her office of family, her wife and dog photos.