Jalen Moore scores career-high 37, Golden Grizzlies doomed by inspired Titans

Summer Weathers, Sports Reporter

This past Friday, the University of Detroit Mercy Titans had the Golden Grizzlies’ number and they defeated Oakland at home, 96-74.  

Blake Lampman jump started the game for the Golden Grizzlies with a triple that settled the fans of the O’rena in. Soon after, the Titans went on an 11-0 run. 

They made seven out of their first 11 shots and four of those were from 3-point range. Jalen Moore had a 3-pointer of his own that would start his remarkable night to help bring it within two. 

He had 12 points with 7:28 to go in the first half. He ended the game with a career-high 37 points that didn’t go unnoticed. 

There was a lot of back and forth between the two teams, but Detroit Mercy eventually stopped the back and forth, having a response everytime Oakland scored. 

Jalen Moore’s layup would conclude the first half and the Golden Grizzlies were down, 47-34. 

There wasn’t anything new happening in the second half, and the Titans still were in front. Oakland was down 20 at the 13:20 mark of the second half, as the number two leading scorer in NCAA Division I history, Antoine Davis, drilled another one of his 3s. 

He led the Titans with the most points, with 30 and went 11-18 from the field and 7-13 from deep. Oakland couldn’t seem to get their offense going and were not able to find the bottom of the net for over four minutes. Osei Price delivered a 3-pointer to soften the blow, but the Titans still remained in charge that led them to a 96-74 victory.

Coach Greg Kampe had some things to say on how the game played out. 

“I think you have to give credit to Mike Davis. I think you have to give credit to Antoine Davis and the other kids on their team,” Kampe said. “I think they played a great basketball game. They shot it, they came with confidence.” 

“They were in a hostile environment, they handled the hostile environment. They had a week to prepare for us and they did a great job of coming up. They completely changed what they did offensively than what they did the last two, three years.”

The Golden Grizzlies can definitely learn from this and move forward. 

“We’ve got to move on, if this game were in January or something like that, I think it would stick with me a lot longer but we got to get ready for Wright State,” Kampe said. “We’re a week away from the most important part of the year. In our locker room after it was very quiet, no screaming and yelling, nothing, it was, ‘let’s get ready for the next one.’”

Oakland will play Wright State on Thursday, Feb. 23 at 7 p.m. at the O’rena.