‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’ teaser out now

What’s the perfect gift for “Bridgerton” fans? Well, besides a Season 3 announcement, the long awaited teaser trailer for Shondaland’s newest story in the “Bridgerton”-verse: “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.”

Fans got a sneak peek at the prequel spinoff based around the fascinating character of Queen Charlotte and her relationship with King George III of England.

Save the date: May 4, 2023 is when the show is set to debut.

With season 3 of Bridgerton still being filmed, many fans are speculating when more news about the trailer and release date for the third season will be announced.

There is a lot to unpack in the teaser trailer for the upcoming show. It opens with a shot of young Charlotte riding in a carriage on her way to a palace. She is greeted by an adoring crowd of people clamoring to see her.

The trailer then shows a clip of young Charlotte addressing young George as “Your Majesty,” and then him immediately reaching for her arm. We get a few shots of what appears to be the young couple dancing at a ball together.

We then hear someone say, “Your marriage is the business of this country. This cannot go wrong,” and “You are the first of your kind. You must secure your position.”

The trailer ends with young Charlotte saying, “This is my home. I am the queen.” This is followed by a few shots of the couple’s coronation as king and queen of England.

The young versions of the characters are almost spitting images of their current “Bridgerton” counterparts. The trailer is very well-put-together, foreshadowing the journey of young Charlotte and her love story with King George. The teaser shows the couple when they first meet, and the chemistry between the two is spot on.

“Bridgerton” actress Golda Rosheuvel will revive her role as the outspoken Queen in the spinoff, while her younger counterpart will be portrayed by “Sex Education” actress India Amarteifio. Love interest, young George, will be played by Cory Mylchreest.

Other returning characters are Adjoa Andoh as Lady Danbury, Ruth Gemmell as Lady Bridgerton and Hugh Sachs as the Queen’s advisor, Brimsley.

A fun fact about the show lies in its release day: May 4 happens to be just two days before King Charles’ coronation that will be taking place at Westminster Abbey.

There isn’t a lot known about the additional characters to the series, but in searching for the cast, an interesting revelation was found: Lady Danbury’s deceased husband, Lord Danbury, will make an appearance. Cyril Nri will portray the character.

Lord Danbury is not the only new character set to debut in the limited series. There are a few new characters to get acquainted with in this spinoff.

Princess Augusta will be played by Michelle Fairley, young Brimsley will be played by Sam Clemmett, Lord Bute will be played by Richard Cunningham, Adolphus will be played by Tunji Kasim and the royal doctor will be played by Rob Maloney.