Letter from the editor: To The State News, thank you for your compassion

This is not the first letter from the editor I’ve written that addresses the epidemic that is gun violence in the United States.

What a damn shame. Our nation is failing us. 

Now we are experiencing members of our generation who are graduating from one mass shooting experience to the next. 

This does not happen anywhere else in the world. 

Like many of you, I have spent the past week checking in on family, friends and loved ones who are part of the Spartan community.

People are grieving and only beginning to process everything that has changed since last Monday evening.

As a student journalist, I’ve also reflected on, listened to and read about the experiences and observations of our student newspaper colleague, The State News.

The Oakland Post commends you — not only for your brave reporting, but also for your compassion.

When a journalist is covering a story, they could very well be interviewing someone about one of the worst experiences of their life.

Covering a story is important, but doing so in a mindful and sensitive way is even more so.

Empathy and humanity cannot be forgotten.

Good journalists understand the delicate balance required to gain useful information and respect the privacy boundaries of the subjects they are reporting on. You have done this skillfully.

As your editorial board letter states, a community needs time to heal and the proper support to do so.

Thank you for your commitment to ethical reporting. Spartan Strong.