Women’s soccer’s leading scorer speaks on success

Hailing all the way from Ontario, Canada, OU senior forward Meghan Reynolds has consistently put up solid numbers for the Grizzlies, giving all of herself to the game she loves.

Reynolds is making her final season another memorable one while continuing to provide leadership to the OU women’s team.


It’s your senior season, you have 14 points to lead your team What does it mean to play for Oakland? What contributed to your consistent success?

I’ve really enjoyed my experience here so it’s really helped make me want to play here for this school. 

And I’ve tried to work hard to keep my success going, and each year try to progress and get better.


When did you first start playing soccer?

I started playing when I was six years old, started playing more competitive club soccer when I was about 10. So yeah, I’ve been playing for a long time.


Who are your mentors or main supporters?

Main supporters (are probably) my parents, they come to a lot of home games here. It’s about a four-hour drive, they come from Canada so it’s a long ways away.


In your freshman year, your first ever game here, you scored versus Rochester College. Tell me what that was like.

It was a pretty good experience, especially because that was one of my first games. And it was good to have a team that 


wasn’t as high caliber, but still good as a team to start off with.It was exciting and eased

some of the nerves.


What’s your biggest 

accomplishment you’ve had playing soccer?

One time in one of my club games I scored five goals in one game, we only won 5-0 so it was pretty exciting and it was a tournament game.


Any memorable games you’ve been a part of?

I think the most memorable game I’ve had was when we beat Ohio State last year to go to the second round of the NCAA tournament. 

That was definitely the most exciting and I’m never going to forget that one.


You’re a senior now as I mentioned, what does experience do for you on the field? Does it slow the game down? Are the nerves still there?

Well definitely not as nervous as I was as a freshman coming in. Often as a freshman I came in off the bench and now I’m more of a starter. 

I’m definitely more calm and more ready. I know what it really means to win now and how to get things done.


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