How students are celebrating Valentine’s Day

Although Valentine’s Day has been marketed as a commercial holiday for couples, over the years the day has been repurposed to celebrate love in all forms which can be expressed toward co-workers, family and friends. In anticipation of Feb. 14, OU students are finalizing their romantic plans for the day. Below, they share how they are preparing to celebrate.

Andrew Bernsdorf, Senior

“I’m actually a swimmer at the university and we’re leaving for our conference championships next Monday, so I will be out of town on the actual Valentine’s Day,” Bernsdorf said. “Once I return the next week, [I’m] going to go to dinner and celebrate and exchange gifts and kind of just do the basic Valentine’s role.”

Malkahi Harrigan, Junior

“I don’t know yet,” Harrigan said. “I know I have practice, so it depends on how the day goes.” 

Asia Robinson, Sophomore

“I got a bake sale here in the Oakland Center,” Robinson said. “We’re gonna be selling cupcakes [and] cakes from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.”

Jacob Souro, Junior

“[…] From Rochester Hills to Hall Road, everything’s pretty much booked up – but I guess Valentine’s Day is more about who you spend it with, not how much you spend,” Souro said. “I’m happy to be with someone who is like that, too.” 

Hannah Tucker, Junior

“FaceTime date with my long distance boyfriend,” Tucker said of her plans. “We’ll just eat food and watch our show.”

Ethan Pemberton, Junior

“I am taking my girlfriend out to a lovely restaurant where, after which, we shall go on a walk where I’ve got a bouquet of flowers waiting,” Pemberton said. “Then we’re gonna head back to our room and go to sleep, because it’ll be very late. She gets out of class at, like, 8:30.”

Nick Haddad, Senior

“Don’t have any solid plans yet, but probably gonna go out to dinner somewhere — might do the weekend before or after, so it’s not as busy — and just gonna go out to dinner and have a nice night,” Haddad said.

Mya Zomponti, Freshman

“Me and my boyfriend are celebrating over the weekend, so on actual Valentine’s Day I’m doing a Galentine’s day,” Zomponti said.

Chole Raszkowski, Freshman:

“Me and my boyfriend got a hotel room, if I’m being honest,” Raszkowski said.

Hannah Harvan, Sophomore

“I think I’m gonna go watch Magic Mike for Valentine’s Day with my friend,” Harvan said.

Grace Hurley, Freshman

“My sister and some of our friends are having Galentine’s Day,” Hurley said. “I think we’re just gonna watch a bunch of movies and just hangout.” 

Kaydence Hovarter, Sophomore

“I’m actually going to go to my boyfriend’s house and we’re gonna attempt to make real sushi together,” Hovarter said. “I’ve done it once, but it was a long time ago, so me and him are gonna try to do it somewhat legitimately and hope it works out.” 

Rosa Delao, Junior

“[My boyfriend and I] made dinner plans to go to Detroit at this restaurant called Leila,” Delao said. “It’s a Lebanese restaurant I’m excited to go and try.” 

Nicholas Perkins, Freshman

“I am going to brunch Monday morning with my girlfriend, because I can’t see her on Valentine’s Day,” Perkins said, “and I’m making chocolate-covered strawberries this weekend for her.”