Pre-Law Club: Resources for aspiring legal professionals

Are you interested in law, or considering a career in law after graduation? If so, the Oakland University Pre-Law Club may be a great resource for you.

The OU Pre-Law Club is dedicated to serving students interested in a legal career by providing them with an array of opportunities and resources. This semester, the club has plans to provide Law School Admission Test (LSAT) prep resources, host guest speaker events and maintain a forum of open communication for individuals with similar interests.

“I’m in the middle of applying to law schools right now. Throughout the process, I have struggled with feelings of self-doubt, confusion and lack of motivation,” Alaina Shuttleworth, president of the OU Pre-Law Club, said. “I decided to serve in a leadership role for this club in order to create a supportive environment for individuals going through a similar situation.”

Students currently applying for law school, or planning to do so, can find solace in the OU Pre-Law Club. Some goals of the club include helping members through the law school application process, providing LSAT study resources to students and celebrating member accomplishments.

The OU Pre-Law Club prides itself on being an accepting and inclusive community for all individuals, regardless of their career aspirations. Those who are simply interested in the law are encouraged to join, as well.

“Our club is open to anyone, not just aspiring lawyers,” Treasurer Lauren Taylor said.

In terms of events and activities, the OU Pre-Law club is a mixed bag. The group meets for bi-weekly general meetings in the Lake Michigan Room of the Oakland Center (OC), and has plans to host panel discussions, LSAT study sessions and social events in the future.

On Jan. 31, the organization hosted its first major social event — a movie night in the Habitat of the OC. Attendees watched the iconic rom-com “Legally Blonde” while enjoying complimentary snacks provided by the club. The event functioned as an opportunity for members to build connections with one another and learn more about the club. 

The OU Pre-Law Club faculty advisor, Diane Hartmus, is a professor in OU’s political science department — and she is eager to be involved in the group. As a trained lawyer, Hartmus is well aware of the rigors of law school and the application process that precedes the endeavor. 

Professor Hartmus hopes to disseminate both legal and practical knowledge to members of the club.

“I am passionate about the law, and I am happy students want to learn more about it,” Hartmus said. “Whether you are sure about law school or just considering a career in law, please consider joining this group. After all, young people are our nation’s future.”

Students interested in learning more about the OU Pre-Law Club can visit their GrizzOrgs or Instagram page ( The group’s next event will be a general meeting on Feb. 16 at 6 p.m. in the Lake Michigan Room of the OC.