Students share their Super Bowl plans

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As the most watched event of the year, Americans tune in to the Super Bowl by the millions to see the two best National Football League (NFL) teams face off in the final game of the season to determine a league champion. 

According to the NFL, approximately two thirds of the U.S. population watched the 2022 Super Bowl. Below, OU students detail their plans for the game and which part of the event excites them the most. 

Spencer Kelly, Senior

“I’m ambivalent. I generally don’t have time to keep up with the preseason. So for me, the Super Bowl — I usually don’t go in expecting anything unless it’s the Lions, but when is that gonna happen?”

Ryan Gervais, Junior

“I do plan on watching the Super bowl. My favorite part is just the gameplay itself.” 

Jake Popovski, Graduate Student

“I plan on watching the Super Bowl. I don’t care for the commercials — I actually watch the game.”

Conner Cole-Salen, Freshman

“I do [plan to watch]. I’m just excited to be able to hang out with my friends.” 

Garrett Fetzer, Junior

“I don’t really make it a habit of watching the Super Bowl every year. If my family has plans then I’ll probably do something, but you can’t miss the halftime show. Even if you don’t watch the game live, you gotta look up the video afterwards and see what took place. That’s something you can’t really miss out on.” 

Emma Bowen, Sophomore

“Yes, I plan on watching [the Super Bowl]. My favorite part is all the commercials.”

Jenetta Justes, Freshman

“I might watch it. I’m not a big enthusiast, but I may, and if I was going to say my favorite part, it would probably be the promotions and all the ads around it.”

Liam Ferrell, Junior

“Yes, I am excited — I am watching it. I’m going to hope the Bengals win, so that’s what I’m excited for — to watch the Bengals win the Super Bowl.”

Jacob Holm, Sophomore

“I’m not really planning on anything right now, but if I got invited [to a Super Bowl party], I would go. I think it’s fun to watch with friends.” 

Sydney Parpart, Junior

“Yes, I do plan on watching the Super Bowl. My favorite part is probably the commercials and the halftime show.”

Talina Black, Senior

“No, and if I do, it’s for the commercials.” 

Alyssa Stieber, Senior

“I watch it kind of passively — only for the halftime show.”

Lauren Gamache, Senior

“Yes. [The Super Bowl] always falls on my mom’s birthday, so we have a big family gathering and we just enjoy the football game together.”

Kamryn Humphrey, Freshman

“I do [plan on watching], but it’s only for the halftime show, because I’m not really a sports person. The halftime show is probably my most favorite part.”

Spencer Harris, Freshman

“The rest of my family watches it for the sports aspect, but I personally only watch it for the halftime show.”

It is evident that OU students are ready for the big game, set to take place on Feb. 12 at 6:30 p.m. on FOX. For more information, visit