Congress elects new legislator focused on student pride

Ali DeRees

A new legislator, as well as seven committee members were elected into the Oakland University Student Congress Oct. 7.

Josh Pokrefky was unanimously voted in and joins 15 other legislators belonging to OUSC.

Pokrefky, a sophomore, works at both the basketball games.

Pokrefky wants to see a higher student attendance at the basketball games and hopes to have events such as blackouts and tailgates for the games.

“Students should be out there supporting our fellow students,” Pokrefky said.

His plan to raise student pride includes getting advertisements to pay for T-shirt costs for the basketball games.

Pokrefky also wants to create “OU Swag”, a movement that would include T-shirts and act as a message of pride.

Pokrefky also wants to create a sense of unity on campus.

“One nation, under this university,” Pokrefky said.

A total of seven new members were also added to Marketing Director Timothy Brown’s newly founded Marketing Committee.

Erica Walendzik, Kelsey Nolan, Nusrat Zaman, Laina Townsend, Jonathan Ngoyi, Lauren Tibbits and Mikaela Strech were all unanimously voted in.

The committee will work to market OUSC events and programs to all students, according to Brown.

OUSC President Brandon Hanna was pleased to announce how well the OUSC Tailgate at the Weekend of Champions at Oakland University went.

OUSC, as well as the gallery gave a round of applause to the head of the Tailgate Committee, Marlee Hanna, for her work on the tailgate. Her work also earned her the Legislator of the Month award for the month of September.

Toward the end of the meeting, Hanna stressed that any student can apply to become a member of a committee.

Committees include the Steering Committee, the Judiciary Committee, the Scholarship Committee, the Research and Review Committee, the Tailgate Committee and the Marketing Committee.

Other student programs/boards, such as the Student Program Board and the Student Activities Funding Board, are open to any students.

The next meeting will be held Monday, Oct. 14 at 4 p.m.