My go-to bad day albums 

Let’s face it, life can hit really hard sometimes. No matter how much we try to stop it, bad days are bound to happen. We can’t stop that. 

Whether it is a bad day at school or fighting with friends–bad days can come out of nowhere and completely interfere with our emotions. I know that one thing I do when I’m having a bad day is listen to music. 

Music is an art form that brings out emotions in not only the artist, but the listener as well. Listening to music has always been one of my favorite comforts, but there are specific songs and albums that I consider to be my go-tos. 

My go-to bad day albums are the ones that I play on repeat when my day isn’t going the way that I want it to. By listening to these songs, I feel a little bit of comfort knowing that a three-minute song can perfectly capture how I’m feeling at that moment. 

“5SOS5” – 5 Seconds of Summer

The singles alone make this album one that I always want to listen to – let alone the entire album. As a huge 5SOS fan I listen to their albums frequently, but 5S0S5 is one of my favorite albums, especially when I’m having a bad day. Tracks like “TEARS!”, “Emotions”, “Bad Omens” and “You Don’t Go To Parties” are my go-to sad songs when I’m in the middle of an off day. 

These songs in particular are ones that I relate to, especially when I’m sad or anxious about something. Then there are the more upbeat songs from the rest of the album that raise my spirits a little bit. The entire album is vocal, lyrical, and instrumental genius. 

“Midnights” – Taylor Swift 

Midnights is an album that contains a wide range of tracks dealing with different issues. This album feels like a mix of my favorite Taylor albums – Reputation and 1989, so of course I’m going to use this album to cheer myself up. 

“Anti-Hero” and “You’re On Your Own, Kid” are very relatable songs while “Karma” and “Bejeweled” are songs that make me feel better after a hard day. Listening to this album makes me feel calm. It’s a soothing piece of art that draws out plenty of emotions. 

“Sounds Good Feels Good” – 5 Seconds of Summer 

This album is the epitome of “being in your feelings.” There’s no way to listen to this album without it provoking some kind of emotion – most of the time sadness. A dark album that explores so many themes, this is a definite go-to album. 

“Jet Black Heart” will always be one of their best songs of all time. “Airplanes” and “Outer Space/Carry On” are so sad and so good. No matter how many times I listen to this album, I always feel something. I wish I could go back and listen to it for the first time again.