Ways to satisfy social wellness around campus

As we begin the winter semester with frigid weather on the horizon, students may feel snowed under in terms of social engagement. When exhibiting this “buried” mindset, it is important to remember that social wellness is key to your overall health as a college student. 

Fortunately, Oakland University provides students with a wide array of opportunities to get involved on campus. Student organizations, club sports, intramural sports leagues, and Student Program Board (SPB) events are just a few ways individuals can form friendships with others on campus.

The Office for Student Involvement (OSI) at Oakland University offers over 300 student organizations, each of which provides a social group for students that share a common interest. Due to the wide array of options available, OU students are sure to find a club that fits their passions.

“I joined the Ecology Club at OU because I love attending nature related events like hikes. It’s also a good place to meet students who are in a similar major as me and share the same interests,” Oakland University sophomore Nicholas Skinner said. 

Students can learn more about the student organizations offered at OU by visiting the GrizzOrgs website. This site also allows individuals to join groups they are interested in, simply by the click of a button.

GrizzOrgs is a useful tool, as it also provides a university-wide event calendar. This function allows students to easily view upcoming events for all campus organizations.

For active individuals that miss the community of organized sport teams, the OU Recreation and Well-Being Center (OU RecWell) offers a variety of Club Sports and Rec Well Sports opportunities. The two options require different levels of commitment, which makes it possible for even the busiest of college students to participate.

Over 30 student-run club sports teams are available to OU students, offering participants the opportunity to compete against other collegiate club athletes. These clubs often host organized practices for members, whilst hosting or traveling to competitions throughout the year.

“Our department mission is to offer programs, services and facilities that foster student development, create a connection to Oakland University and motivate our community toward a life-long commitment of well-being,” the University Recreation and Well-Being’s webpage states.

Rec Well Sports are perfect for students seeking a more casually competitive experience. RecWell offers many sports, including but not limited to, basketball, indoor hockey, flag football and indoor soccer.

Throughout the year, intramural athletic events are hosted within the OU Recreation Center. Although Rec Well Sports are competitive, they are designed to allow athletes of all skill levels to have fun while exhibiting good sportsmanship.

Rec Well Sports events are typically held later at night to make the leagues more accessible to those that have classes during the daytime. Thus, Rec Well Sports pose a good option for students that want to stay active, but are not able to commit to a Club Sport. Interested individuals can view and join Rec Well Sports and Club Sports through the RecWell portal.

Another way students can manage their social wellness is by attending campus events organized by SPB. SPB hosts unique programs for OU students throughout the year, giving individuals the opportunity to engage in fun activities in enjoyable, inclusive social settings.

The student-led group encourages participation by offering an “activity passport” program to students. Essentially, students gain stamps by attending SPB Hump Days, activities, and events for the chance to win prizes. 

Social wellness is an important aspect in the overall well-being of college students. In order to manage this aspect of their health, Oakland University students should consider engaging in student organizations, Club Sports, Rec Well Sports, and SPB events on campus.