What’s in your office: Brandon Hanna

Student Body President Brandon Hanna’s office is located in the Oakland University Student Congress office in the lower level of the Oakland Center.

Hanna wanted to create an inviting atmosphere for his office.

“I encourage students to come in and leave me messages on my board,” Hanna said.

Upon entering his office there is a shelf filled with many Oakland-related items. Some of the items consist of a wax replica of his hand in a peace sign that he made at an event earlier in the summer, various pairs of sunglasses he got at Oakland events and three name tags from his years when he served as Student Activities Board chairperson.

He’s also has items on his shelf from his trip to Punta Cana this summer. His shelf also holds a stuffed animal of one of his favorite animals — a lion.

“The lion was a gift from a friend actually,” Hanna said.

There is another lion throughout Hanna’s office. A photo taken of Hanna feeding a baby lion some milk. Hanna called it one of the coolest experiences of his life.

“I wasn’t scared, but when it growled, it sent shivers down my back because it reminded me I’m not holding a dog I’m holding a baby beast,” Hanna said.

Hanging up next to the bulletin board Hanna showcases his OU pride by hanging an Oakland flag in his office along with an American flag.

“Initially I just had an American flag and someone mentioned I should have an Oakland flag,” Hanna said. “I agreed, so I added one.”

Hanna has a picture of Jesus, a role model of Hanna in his office.

“This is who I want to represent,” Hanna said. “A person that serves the people the way he did. I think this is a perfect representation of how he served the people,”

The photo was also in Hanna’s previous office in Student Congress three years prior.

“If I could be like somebody,  I strive to be like Jesus because I think he’s a perfect role model for me,” Hanna said. “My favorite thing to do is volunteer, I’ve volunteered in different countries before.”

Hanna has volunteered in several different areas. A trip to Alabama fixing up homes destroyed in tornadoes, Honduras with Global Brigades, Kentucky with Agape Christian Ministry in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity and a trip to Panama.