My most anticipated reads of 2023 

D’Juanna Lester, Arts Reporter

We have finally reached that time of year — with 2022 drawing to a close, it’s time for my list of my most anticipated book reads for the year 2023. 

From anthologies to series sequels, 2023 looks like it is going to be a year full of very exciting reads that will have their respective audiences swooning. 

“Unseelie” — Jan. 3, 2023 

Ivelisse Housman debuts with a Young Adult (YA) Fantasy to kick off the new year. This book follows changeling Seelie and her human twin embarking on an epic heist adventure.

This fantasy has Seelie as an autistic main character, which is rare for YA Fantasy books. I’m excited to see how these characters navigate this heist while on the run.

“Cool. Awkward. Black.” — Jan. 10, 2023 

This book is one that I’ve been waiting for for a while. An anthology by an amazing group of Black authors — including some of my favorites, Kalynn Bayron and Elise Bryant. This book will have Black characters in different genres such as Sci-fi and Fantasy celebrating different facets of Blackness.

“Reggie and Delilah’s Year of Falling” — Jan. 31, 2023 

Elise Bryant, an NAACP Image Award nominated author, is back with her first dual point of view (POV) book. This rom-com follows the titular characters who fall in love over chance meetings over the course of a year’s holiday celebrations.

Delilah ends up singing in her friend’s punk band as a favor, and Reggie, self declared Blerd, spends his time playing Dungeons and Dragons. They have a first meeting at New Year’s Eve, and continue to meet at holidays throughout the year. 

“Queen Bee” — April 4, 2023 

Want another recommendation, “Bridgerton” lovers? With a YA story set in the Regency Era, Amalie Howard is back with another “Bridgerton”-esque novel.

A girl seeking revenge against her former best friend has her plans hit a snag when she catches the eye of a marquess. “Bridgerton” meets “The Count of Monte Cristo” in this book, which should be a very fun read for those who are obsessed with stories about London high society and former lovers reuniting.

“House of Marionne” — Aug. 29, 2023 

J Elle, author of the “Wings of Ebony” duology, is back with the first book in a new trilogy. This modern-day story is filled with magic and dark academia. If you’re a fan of “Bridgerton,” this one’s for you.

17 year old Quell is inducted into a debutante society full of powerful elites. With an assassin hunting her kind, Quell has to deal with the dark side of society while concealing her forbidden magic. 

“Percy Jackson and the Chalice of the Gods” — Sept. 26, 2023

Yes, it’s actually happening. Rick Riordan is back with a sixth book from the original “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series that kicked off the Riordanverse.

It doesn’t feel real. After years of not writing about Percy, Annabeth and Grover, Riordan is returning to writing about the trio.

This book follows Percy as a senior in high school — much more concerned about trying to get into college than saving the world this time around.