‘A World Without Princes’ is a beautiful twist

D’Juanna Lester, Arts Reporter

After Netflix dropped their movie based on the book “The School for Good and Evil,”  I was hooked into the series. I decided to go and check out the second book, and it defied my expectations.

After fans debated whether or not the Netflix adaptation would work better as a film or series based on all of the content left out, I wanted to see the series in full, and was surprised by the second book in the series — “A World Without Princes.” 

This book picks up where the first one left off, with our heroes Agatha and Sophie back in Gavaldon. The characters are written so well, and their personalities remain intact from book to book. Although Agatha is having a change of heart, longing for the prince she left behind in the School for Good and Evil. 

Agatha is my favorite character, and I enjoyed seeing this book focus on her being caught in her feelings between her best friend, Sophie, and her true love, Tedros. 

Sophie is a very annoying character, and I can’t stand how she thinks she’s Good when her entire character up until this point is being selfish over Agatha. Still, the book managed to make me have some sympathy towards her in wanting Agatha to stay with her and not return with Tedros. She doesn’t want to be alone forever.

When the heroes return to the School, they learn that it is no longer the School for Good vs the School for Evil, but the School for Boys vs the School for Girls. I thought this was a very fun twist.

I enjoyed seeing the Evers and Nevers getting along this time around. Agatha and Sophie caused all of this, and end up on opposing sides trying to fix it.

The dynamic between the friends is beautifully written. The book itself has many twists and turns that challenge the duo, leading to realization and character growth that I was intrigued to read about.

The setting was an integral part to what made this book fun to read. The shift from the first book’s schools and this one’s was compelling and well thought out — nothing felt confusing or like it came out of nowhere. I’m glad that we got to see the perspective of different characters and how they felt about the changes, not just the main pair. 

I think this book is stunning, and overall very creative. The way the world is written and the twists that come with that make it clear why this series is so popular and has such a dedicated fan base. 

As much as I would love to see this book hit the screen, I’d prefer Netflix not touch this book. Knowing it will be a movie, so much of this complex story will be cut out. If Netflix does decide to adapt, they should do a short series like they are with “Shadow and Bone.”

Rating: 4/5