Kresge after midnight: Night owls give advice


During the day, Kresge Library is bursting with the sights and sounds of hard work. Students fill each floor and every room of the building, studiously reading and writing their way to a good grade.

As the day draws on, they slowly filter out, letting the library grow silent.

Soon, it is 3 a.m. Three workers at the front desk wait to assist any students who might enter. At first glance, they are the only ones in the building.

They are not alone.


The biochemist

Ashley Sieloff has been in the library since 11 p.m. She sat at the same computer desk for hours with no breaks. Diet Mountain Dew and a pile of textbooks are her only companions. Sieloff said she prefers the quiet solitude, however.

“I’m a night person, so it’s a lot easier for me at night,” Sieloff said. “There’s no one talking.”

Sieloff is a senior biochemistry major who is taking 16 credit hours. She often stays at Kresge until 4 or 5 a.m. and gets an average of around three hours of sleep per night.

“By the end of the semester I’ll want to pull my hair out,” Sieloff said.

Her advice to other students: don’t worry about finishing school quickly.

“If you know what you want to do, spread everything out,” Sieloff said. 


The accounting major

Sitting a few desks away from Sieloff is Ali Chehab, a senior accounting major.

Chehab arrived at Kresge between 9 and 10 p.m. He said he comes often and sometimes will be at Kresge until class the next morning. Chehab is taking 9 credit hours, each class at the 400 level. He commutes but said he stays on campus to study.

“If I go home, I’m going to go to sleep,” Chehab said. “There’s a lot of distractions at home.”

While it can be rough, Chehab said his study habits have always been like this. His best friend is Monster Energy Drink.

One thing Chehab said he wishes he had done was to be more active on campus.

“Make the most of it,” Chehab said. “Be proactive with your studies. Try to work as a team with your classmates. Experience the fun parts.”


The psychology major

Samantha Graf, a senior psychology and English literature major, has taken over one of the study rooms on the first floor.

“I usually pull two all-nighters during Monday through Friday,” Graf said. “I’m here a lot.”

In addition to classes, Graf said she works full time at a brewery in Troy. Monday is her only day off, and she spends much of it at Kresge.

“This is the best place to study in my opinion because it’s quiet and you can have your own rooms,” Graf said.

Graf said that she advises students to take philosophy, ethics and religion classes.

“For me, it was the best thing I did in college,” Graf said.

Graf said she wishes younger students the best of luck.