Meadow Brook Hall hosts Student Film Night

Meadow Brook Hall hosted Oakland University’s Student Film Night on Oct. 26, free to all students. Attendees viewed Stanley Kubrick’s classic movie, “The Shining,” and were given a flashlight tour of the historic mansion.

Connor Newton, the visitor service manager at Meadow Brook, welcomed students to the event by offering complimentary popcorn, candy and beverages. He also provided information about upcoming events and job opportunities available at Meadow Brook for the holiday season.

“This is the first time Meadow Brook Hall has been able to host an OU Student Film Night, so it is a very special experience,” Newton said. “I am very pleased to see the student engagement we are receiving for this event, and I look forward to putting on more events for Oakland University students in the future.”

After attendees checked in for the event and grabbed snacks, they were directed to the lower level of the building. The two-story, Gothic-inspired ballroom served as the viewing area for the night, complete with rows of chairs and a film projector.

Once students found their seats and got comfortable, Newton entered the ballroom to address the audience. He pointed out the fine architecture of the room, drawing attention to intricately carved wooden wolf sculptures in the arches of the ceiling.

“Tonight, we are gathered in a historic mansion to watch a film about another historic building,” Newton said. “Please enjoy Stanley Kubrick’s famous 1980 film, ‘The Shining.’”

As night fell over the mansion, the ballroom provided a thrilling atmosphere for the movie viewing. The terrifying horror film had students glued to their seats for its 2.5 hour run time.

“This was my first time watching ‘The Shining,’” OU freshman Julia K said. “It was a great experience to watch the movie with friends in a historically-rich building.”

Once the movie concluded, Newton reentered the room to introduce the second portion of the night. Flashlights were distributed to students before they embarked on a nighttime tour of Meadow Brook Hall.

The exclusive, complimentary tour was led by one of Meadow Brook’s experienced guides. Participants were led throughout the expansive mansion, as the guide explained important aspects of the National Historic Landmark. 

The group was led room-by-room as the guide described the building’s history. Students were encouraged to explore each of the areas authorized for visitor access.

At the end of the night, attendees were reminded of upcoming Meadow Brook Hall events that will be provided to current OU students free of charge. Meadow Brook hopes to increase their connection with the OU student community through these entertaining and informative opportunities.

“In the winter, we will be hosting holiday nights for OU students,” Newman said. “These free events will feature guided tours of the mansion and complimentary hot cocoa.”

Students are encouraged to check out upcoming events at Meadow Brook Hall, a calendar of which can be found by visiting their website. As the holiday season nears, Meadow Brook Hall is looking to hire for seasonal positions, which are listed on Handshake.