Posties predict the 2022 University of Michigan v. Michigan State football game

The University of Michigan (U-M) Wolverines and Michigan State Spartans (MSU) will take to the Big House field on Saturday, Oct. 29 to battle it out in the rivalry’s annual matchup.

Ahead of the game, the Oakland Post staff has some predictions to share regarding who they think will take the Paul Bunyan Trophy home with them this time around.

Autumn Okuszka, Features Reporter — Michigan

Given that maize and blue runs deep in my blood (even though I’m not an avid football fan at all), I believe I may be a little bit biased in saying that U-M is going to take the win this year. Although, I am always cautious, because nothing would be more heartbreaking than to lose to State (except, of course, losing to Ohio State). But, looking at how the Wolverines are currently undefeated this season, I think it’s safe to say — better luck next year, Sparty!

Payton Bucki, Campus Reporter — Michigan

I grew up next to a corn field, leading my dad to deem us a ‘Maize’ house. This good-humored dad joke provides the basis for my allegiance to the Wolverines.

While I take pride in my maize and blue roots, I prefer to use my brain instead of my heart when making sporting predictions. So, naturally, I conducted a quick Google search. Seeing as U-M is undefeated currently, I am fairly confident that the Wolverines will take the win.

Brock Heilig, Sports Editor — Michigan

Ah, yes. One of the best in-state rivalries in all of sports is taking place once again this weekend, and fans from all across the mitten will be tuning in to watch the Michigan State Spartans (3-4) and Michigan Wolverines (7-0) battle for the Paul Bunyan Trophy.

From Spartan Bob in 2001 to Mike Hart’s “little brother” comment in 2007 and, of course, “trouble with the snap” in 2015, this rivalry has had its fair share of iconic moments throughout the 21st century. One thing those incredible moments had in common was that all three games were one-score games. This year, that may not be the case.

Early spreads have Michigan favored by as many as 23.5 points over the Spartans. Michigan State tends to play Michigan incredibly tough, and although I don’t think Michigan would cover a 23.5-point spread, the Wolverines are the far superior team, and should have no issues in welcoming Paul Bunyan back to Schembechler Hall. 

Joe Zerilli, Campus Editor — Michigan

I like to consider myself an unbiased Michigan fan. One of the greatest college sports rivalries — maybe even one of the greatest American sports rivalries — is Michigan and Michigan State.

I will always root for Michigan, but there’s nothing quite like the excitement of watching the two schools play. And with that, it’s hard to ever predict a winner, because of how competitive the two teams are — they always bring out the best in each other.

With that being said, Michigan State just does not look good at all, and Michigan is looking pretty similar to the team that beat Ohio State last year. Michigan is going to beat MSU and take back the Paul Bunyan Trophy.

Arianna Heyman, Features Editor — Michigan 

As a biased Michigan fan, I gotta go with the Wolverines. However, if we’re just looking at the facts, Michigan’s record this season indicates that this should be an easy win for them.

Michigan is currently (7-0) while Michigan State is (3-4). As always, I think MSU will play their hardest, but unfortunately they won’t be able to prevail against their much tougher competitor. Regardless of who wins, the game is bound to be exciting!

Gabrielle Gappy, SciTech Editor — Michigan

I grew up with a lot of older cousins who were die hard Michigan fans, so here I am, a Michigan fan by family allegiance. I also love the city of Ann Arbor and visit friends there a ton. But, with sports, I keep an open mind and look at the facts.

I still think Michigan has this in the bag because of how great they have been playing this year. However, the competition is always intense, and I hope MSU at least gives them a run for their money with an exciting game. If I didn’t love Michigan, I would probably be rooting for an MSU win, because I like to see how the underdog performs in situations like these!

Lindsey Sobkowski, Photographer — Michigan State

Honestly, I am not too well-versed in the sports world, nor am I the biggest fan. However, I do understand the severisty of this rivalry, having heard about it all the time growing up and still hearing about the passionate discourse today. So when asked, I always have to give hopes to State, as both my mom and grandfather attended the university for their bachelor’s degrees. 

Summer Weathers, Sports Reporter — Michigan 

I have to go with the Wolverines taking the win this year. U-M has always been the team I root for. This year they are stacked, and I definitely think they are going to pull through with the win.

However, I do believe Michigan State will put up a good fight — it just won’t be enough against the undefeated UofM. This rivalry game will definitely be a fun one. 

Gabrielle Abdelmessih, Editor-in-Chief — Michigan 

Go Blue! Is there anything else that needs to be said?