Mia Konyvka: A beast in softball

Summer Weathers, Sports Reporter

Mia Konyvka is a versatile, well-rounded softball player — from her amazing pitching skills to her elite power hitting. 

A sophomore transfer student from George Mason University, Konyvka is a health science major pursuing the OBGYN route. She is setting herself up for success with an academic goal to be on the Dean’s List.

She holds herself accountable when it comes to her schoolwork and prioritizes her time to always stay on top of everything that is due. Besides getting up on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to be at her 6:30 a.m. morning lifts with the team, she still makes sure study hall is a priority.

As a freshman last year, she looked up to the upperclassmen and now desires to have that leadership aspect as well. After winning the Horizon League Championship last year, she is looking forward to how the team is going to progress.

“I’m just really excited to see how we are going to develop,” Konyvka said. “We definitely have a lot of work to do, but I think given time and the amount of attention that our coaches give us and repetitions and everything, it’s really going to come together. We’re just going head first into the smaller details, so I think once the train gets rolling, it’s just going to be really great.” 

Over the summer, Konyvka would drive 45 minutes to get some extra practice in and lift weights.

“I was really fortunate to lift with our strength coach, Eliza, in the mornings, and then workout with one of the freshman catchers before going to hit afterwards with Coach Sam,” she said. “I was working really, really hard. I think [during] that time, I became more confident and really excited about playing.”

Konyvka makes a huge impact on her team.

“I always try to motivate everyone and cheer everyone on — I want the best for everyone,” she said. “It’s a team sport. My success matters, but a lot of the time, it comes from everyone.”

She is someone who breaks the ice and makes everyone feel comfortable and involved.

“I have a great influence on everyone. Everyone’s different — lot of people have to be super focused and serious, but personally, I try to make myself and everyone calm down and have fun,” Konyvka said. “To me, we’re still playing a sport because it’s fun, so I always try to, if it’s not there, generate the fun in it.” 

What she enjoys most about OU is the culture and the people she has met.

“Everyone is so great,” she said. “I am friends with other athletes on other sports teams, as well.”

Konyvka has a lot going for her and is just getting started. She is the true definition of a proud Golden Grizzly. 

Some fun facts about Mia Konyvka include her favorite sports team being the Red Sox, and that she is a huge fan of athlete Aleshia Ocasio. She enjoys watching the Stranger Things series and Pretty Woman is her favorite movie. Additionally, her softball team won the state championship her sophomore year of high school.