OU got style- Classic white T

The Fashion House of Oakland University choose the classic white tee as their trend for the week of Nov. 11.

The white T-shirt allows student creativity to mix-and-match different looks. Oakland University students pair unique accessories to create trendy ensembles.

“A white tee allows you to express yourself,” Cortney Hopkins, president of the Fashion House, said. “Today I was going for a rock star look by pairing my funky jeggings with a leather jacket.”

The simplicity and comfort of a white T-shirt make it a go-to item for many college students in search of an outfit.

“A white T-shirt goes with everything,” Conor Dolan, junior, said.


Evolution of the T-shirt

A white cotton crewneck T-shirt was originally regulation underwear for the U.S Navy in 1913, according to www.neatorama.com. The site goes on to give a brief history of the evolution of T-shirts.

Two decades later, the T-shirt was used again, this time by football players at the University of Southern California. The T-shirt layered underneath the football gear prevented chaffing. 

Eventually, students at the school caught on to the comfortable trend and began to wear them, according to the website. 

In 1951, the simplicity of a T-shirt was once again used to magnify the muscles of actor Marlon Brando in “A Streetcar Named Desire.” The actor sparked a trend and by the end of that year T-shirt sales were reached $180 million according to source.


Simplistic Style

The power of the T-shirt lies in its simplicity.

“This fall, designers rose to the challenge with a number of new shapes and silhouettes in re-cut revamps to prove simple sophistication is always very much in style,” according to www.fashionspot.com.

The classic white T-shirt can come in all types of styles — short sleeve, long sleeve, collared, button down and hooded. 

This basic look allows for students to let the creative juices flow.

“It’s a blank canvas, it gives you lots of room to be creative,” Hopkins said.

“You can pair it with simple attire or give it an edgy or sassy look. You can play up a white tee with accessories,” Eva Hill, member of Fashion House said.

There are many ways to execute wearing a white T-shirt. You can pair it with a tie, scarf or necklace. The T-shirt also can be worn underneath sweaters or blazers.

“It’s universal, it can be worn with anything,” Sierra Beeler, freshman, said.