Bridget Boczar: The mastermind and golfer


Bridget Boczar is a 1-2 punch. She is in the honors college, majoring in mathematics, and also holds a spot on Oakland University’s golfing team. 

Boczar is a graduate from Plymouth High School. Having that shift from high school to college can be tough. 

Everyday she is dedicated to finding that good balance between classes and getting good grades. Essentially, having some sort of structure with her time and planning her day out by the hour, from the minute she wakes up, would describe her work ethic as very efficient. 

It is important to be organized in college, and as a freshman student-athlete, she is already there. Any free time she has, it goes into her homework. 

“I try not to waste time during my day, like sitting on my phone. There is always something that I’m doing, and there’s always a purpose,” Boczar said. 

She already has set an academic goal of obtaining a 4.0 GPA.

“Mathematics is a tough major, but it’s pretty interesting and I’m looking forward to all the classes I can take,” she said.

At the age of seven, she got into playing golf. 

“My entire family plays, and I have a twin sister that also goes here,” said Boczar. “We have a pretty unique story. Siblings often don’t go to the same college, they are not always that close, but we are pretty close and we really wanted to go to school together and play golf, which is why we came to OU because we could do that here and we really like it so far.” 

On the golf course, she would describe herself as “calm and collected.” Boczar gets to her practices early and makes it a priority.

“I like to take my time during practices, figuring out what I’m supposed to be doing. In golf, you have to be precise. It’s a precision sport, it’s not always super physically taxing, although I mean, it’s like endurance especially when you’re playing 36 holes in one day. 

Playing at the Shirley Spork Invitational at Eastern Michigan was special to her. 

“That’s actually really close to where we are from, so that was kind of cool to go back home. We had some family and friends come out and watch us, so that was nice,” Boczar said.

She tied for second overall, shooting seven strokes over par for a score of 223.

“That was a big accomplishment,” she said.  

She loves that Oakland is already preparing her for the near future. 

“I like the freedom that Oakland gives. You can schedule your own classes and kind of work your day how you want it. It can be challenging sometimes, figuring everything out and where I have to be. Practice times vary everyday and I have to pack myself for trips and get everything organized by myself but then again, I like it. It’s a good experience and prepares me for the real world.” 

She is a freshman that knows what she wants and is very passionate about what she does.