Trailer drops for Lindsay Lohan comeback movie ‘Falling for Christmas’


Photo courtesy of Netflix

With this poster alone, Netflix made their intentions clear. This isn’t just any holiday rom-com — this is a Lindsay Lohan holiday rom-com.

The Lindsay Lohan renaissance is upon us! On Oct. 3rd — also known as national “Mean Girls” Day, after the iconic quote from the 2004 cult classic — Netflix dropped the poster for the upcoming Lohan-led romantic comedy, “Falling for Christmas.

With that poster alone, Netflix made their intentions clear. This isn’t just any holiday rom-com — this is a Lindsay Lohan holiday rom-com.

With her name blazoned across the top of the poster — not even mentioning the blonde guy from “Glee” who appears at her side — the energy was palpable: Lindsay’s back.

This was honestly the first thing I had heard about Lohan since that viral video of her absolutely tearing up the dance floor at that beach club she bought in Mykonos — which somehow made this even better. 

The official Netflix synopsis of this movie is so Hallmark, it’s camp: “After losing her memory in a skiing accident, a spoiled heiress lands in the cozy care of a down-on-his-luck widower and his daughter at Christmastime.”

The set up is perfect. The inherent cheese and charm of a holiday guilty pleasure. The talent and screen presence of a woman who was able to carry “The Parent Trap” at 11 years old — not to mention deliver 2003’s “Freaky Friday and 2004’s “Mean Girls” back to back. The amazing yet impractical, present-like red jumpsuit Lohan wears on the poster. 

Then came the trailer where all my hopes were delivered, my dreams becoming reality. 

Opening with Lohan in a giant magenta fur hat, sporting matching lipstick and a ski suit as she falls off a mountain, the trailer set the correct tone and leaned into the absurd extravagance of its plot. 

Then I heard it. As the “a Netflix film” title card rolled, my mouth dropped. Lohan began covering “Jingle Bell Rock” — instantly calling back to the iconic “Mean Girls” scene that changed the course of Halloween costume history and inspired an Ariana Grande music video.

That was when this movie turned into an event for me. The makers of this film clearly know their Lohan history and are having fun embracing it, leaning into that nostalgic feeling that everyone needs right now. 

And this won’t be a one off collaboration with Netflix for Lohan, with “Falling for Christmas” marking the first in her three-picture movie deal with the streaming platform. 

She is already on set in Ireland filming her second movie, “Irish Wish,” which, if it’s anything like this film, will undoubtedly serve as the next step in the Lohan comeback.

“Falling for Christmas” premieres on Netflix on Nov. 10th.